Turning Children's Dreams into Art

Our Mission

Once upon a time, Jonah, our founder, was on a quest to find the perfect gift for his partner’s little cousin in Australia. He wanted something unique, heartfelt, and special that would capture the child’s imagination, and also fit seamlessly into the family’s modern, bright home.

A World of Generic Toys

Jonah’s journey began in a world filled with generic toys, destined to break and be forgotten. Frustrated, he turned to popular artist marketplaces, only to find wall art that was either too abstract to relate to children or too tacky, like comic book pages.

DrawCubs is Born

Determined to find the perfect gift, Jonah embarked on a mission to create it himself. He knew the little boy he was shopping for loved Kookaburras, an Australian native bird, and wanted to incorporate that into the gift. After a lot of searching, he found an artist who could create a stunning artwork that was exactly what he had in mind.

The family and the boy adored the gift so much that they shared it with friends, who soon began asking Jonah how they could get one too. This overwhelming demand inspired him to create DrawCubs, personalized children’s art that transforms kids’ dreams into stylish and imaginative canvas – perfect for any home.

Delivering Happiness, One Canvas at a Time

At DrawCubs, our mission is to bring happiness to as many families as possible by creating unforgettable, personalized art that captures the essence of each child’s dreams.

Our favorite part of the business is receiving photos and videos of the delighted reactions of kids when they open their gifts. As we grow, we remain dedicated to being a force for good in the world.

A percentage of each sale goes to helping children in need, allowing us to spread joy and make a difference, one canvas at a time.

We Do Things Differently

Our personalized, hand-drawn illustrations set us apart from other art services. We believe that each child’s passion deserves to be celebrated and preserved in a unique, tailor-made piece of art. Our team of skilled artists takes the time to understand your child’s interests and personality, crafting a stunning, one-of-a-kind illustration that will be treasured for years to come.