Photo Guide

Follow the tips below when selecting your kid’s photo! If you aren’t able to follow these steps exactly, don’t worry! 

We have a dedicated team who checks all orders and photos as they come in. If your photo doesn’t meet our criteria, we’ll let you know within 12-24 hours of receiving your order, and help you choose a more suitable one!

01. Close up photos work best!

Close-up photos reveal your child’s unique personality and help our artists create the most heartwarming art.

02. Take your photo in natural daylight and don't use flash

Natural daylight illuminates your child’s features, giving our artists the perfect canvas to work their magic.

03. Try to get your kid to sit or stay still

Encourage your child to sit or stay still to ensure their features are captured without a blur.

04. Use a minimum 500px size

A minimum size of 500px x 500px helps our artists create the most stunning, personalized art of your child.

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